Flight School

We offer flight training for Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Flight Instructor certificates. We have multiple instructors and should be able to accommodate your schedule, whether you want to train full-time or only a couple times a week, weekdays or weekends.

Rental checkouts are available for licensed pilots.

We are proud to offer three aircraft available for training or rent:

Cessna 172N. 180HP. Garmin GTN750. Full IFR capable. $160/hr Wet

Cessna 172H. O-300. Garmin GTN650. Full IFR capable. $160/hr Wet

Piper PA28. Garmin G3X, GTN750, Autopilot. TAA Qualified. $160/hr Wet 

- - -

Additionally, we have an FAA-Certified BATD Simulator available for instruction. Usable toward Private Pilot and Instrument Rating requirements. Rents for $50/hr (all taxes/fees incl.) 

All Instruction is $55/hr

Obtain your pilot's license with us!


Anyone can learn to fly! All it takes is common sense, determination and and some basic coordination.

Your first lesson will be in the airplane! Your flight instructor will show you the basics of flight and aircraft systems and even let you take the controls in flight. Most students complete the training program and obtain their certificate in about 9-12 months. We advise students to fly a couple times a week if possible. This keeps the details you learned during your last lesson fresh in your mind, while also saving you time and money in the long run.


You can get your Private Pilot training here at ProAv. This allows you to fly when the weather is good to moderate. You can go to just about any airport and take passengers with you. You can't, however, be paid to fly with a Private certificate. If you want to fly as a career, you would need additional training afterwards and a Commercial Pilot Certificate.

Private Pilot Certificate Basic Requirements:

  • Be at least 17 years old (you can Solo at age 16)
  • Pass a flight physical (consult an AME)
  • Complete a minimum of 40 hours flight training
  • Pass a Written FAA Examination
  • Pass an FAA Oral and Flight Examination


Estimated minimum cost to obtain your Private Pilot Certificate:

Flight Physical                               $ 125-150

Books and supplies                      $ 500

Knowledge test fee                      $ 150

30 hours dual instruction             $ 6200

10 hours solo flight time               $ 1600

Aircraft rental for flight test         $ 250

Examiner’s fee                                $ 600-700


Total*                                             ~$ 9600

**These are based on FAA minimum times and minimal ground instruction, the average Private Pilot finishes with around 55 hours of flight time.


We also offer Instrument, Commercial, and Flight Instructor training. Please reach out and consult with one of our flight instructors to discuss your current flight times/certificates and organize a plan to finish your next rating!