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See some of our big projects below!

...but don't break into a nervous sweat, we do small jobs too!


July 2018


2003 Cessna 182T

Objective: Remove Bendix/King Silver Crown avionics package and update with a modern Garmin system.




Beech F33A Bonanza

Objective: Garmin GTN750, GTX33 remote transponder, GMA35 remote audio system, GDL69 XM receiver, E.I. MVP50 engine management system, Mid-Continent LifeSaver Battery Back-up Horizon Gyro.


Piper PA32R-301T

Objective: Garmin G500 with synthetic vision, GDL88 ADS-B Transceiver, GAD43e to allow King KX165 NAV to display on G500, JP Instruments EDM830 Engine Management System, Autopilot system repairs.


Beech A36 Bonanza

Objective: Garmin G500 with synthetic vision, create functional co-pilot instrumentation, D'Shannon tip tank system.


Beech Baron, Completed May 2011

Objective: Garmin G500 with synthetic vision, GTN750, GTS800 Traffic Advisory System, GDL69 XM Weather Data Receiver, GAD43 AutoPilot Adapter, PSEngineering PMA8000 Audio Panel, and Lonestar iPAD USB charger.




Cessna P210N, Completed May 2011

Objective: Aspen EFD 1000Pro, Modern Panel, PSEngineering PMA8000 audio panel, remove ADF, RNAV, DME and lots of unused wiring, relocate radios into main stack.

Douglas DC-3C, Completed April 2011

Objective: (In conjunction with Preferred Airparts in Kidron, Ohio) Modern panel, Substantial Garmin avionics package, SkyWatch, Dual HSI systems, RDS81 RADAR, SatPhone, and lots of modernization of electrical systems. Over 450 labor-hours of avionics related work alone!




Piper PA32-300, Completed December 2010

Objective: Modern production style flat metal instrument panel.





Cessna 182Q, Completed December 2009

Objective: Flat metal instrument panel, including sub-panels, Aspen EFD1000 primary flight display with flush panel mount, upgrade existing GNS430 to WAAS, Garmin GMA340 Stereo Audio Controller, Garmin GNS530W, Garmin GTX330 TIS/Mode S Transponder, and E.I. MVP-50 engine analyzer system certified as direct replacement for all factory gauges.



Piper Archer II, Completed May 2009

Objective: Aspen EFD1000 Pro, Garmin GNS430W, PSEngineering PMA8000B mp3, reorganize radios into main stack, re-dye panel overlays, remove unused antennas, misc maintenance. 

OK, OK, Ben forgot to get a "before" photo, but take our word for it, that panel used to shout 1979, baby!


KingAir C90, Completed April 2009

Objective: Avidyne TAS620 Traffic (TCAD), Avidyne EX500 with CMAX Charts and RADAR, Garmin GNS430W, and Panel Refurb.


Aerostar 602P, Completed February 2009

Objective: Aspen Evolution Pro PFD, Garmin GNS430W, Garmin GTX330 TIS/Mode S Transponder, and BOSE Headset Jacks. With provisions for future Aspen XM WX and 406MHz ELT.

NOTE: We had previously remade the pilot and copilot instrument and subpanels in 2003 to add the PSEngineering PM7000B, Avidyne EX500 MFD w/RADAR, WX500 Stormscope, Altitude Preselect for the KFC200 Autopilot and, EDM760 Engine Monitor.

(Below)Look close and you can see Ben's hand reflected in the VSI!! :)





1998 Cessna 182S, Completed December 2008

Objective: Aspen Evolution Pro PFD, GNS430 WAAS Upgrade, Remove ADF.





Cessna RAM 414, Completed August 2008

Objective: Re-organize radio stack to 3 stacks, Install S-TEC System 55x,

with Altitude Pre-Select, Auto-Trim, and Flight Director. WAAS upgrade.




OK, so we had this in our photo archives from last year....but it looks so cool!

Piper Turbo Dakota

Objective: Rose wood panel overlay, Garmin GMA340, GNS530, and GTX330


Completed Jan. 2008, Lancair IVp

Dual GrandRapids EFIS and EIS6000, Garmin Stack, Panel Re-make, Tru-Track Auto-Pilot:




Completed in OCT 2007: Cessna Citation I SP

OBJECTIVE: Panel refurbishment and avionics upgrade.


DURING- Yes, we know where it all goes!



w/ Garmin GWX68 Digital RADAR, GDL69 XM Weather Data, GMX200 MFD with Jeppesen Chartview, and glare shield refurbishment.







Cessna 182P:



ABOVE: Cessna 182P Flat Panel, HSI, AutoPilot, Yoke Refurb. Digital Engine Gauges,

New Switch panel below radio stack, and Glareshield retro-fit


BELOW: The final ProAv Product in 3 PHOTOS!







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